Halle Berry initially did not plan to bare her body in the movies she was going to make.  And she did just that, turning down roles where nudity is required and portraying other roles where she would not have to use her body and beauty to be able to make the film a success.  But in “Swordfish”, she portrayed a sexy character who is part of a group of hackers and she bared her breasts for the first time on the big screen.  She got plenty of support from her then husband Eric Benet, and the $500,000 additional fee from Warner Bros for baring her breasts for just a few seconds in the film helped a lot either.  But despite that, she has performed extremely well in the movies she appeared in, with or without nudity.

Ironically, it was in a movie that featured a graphic sex scene involving the actress that netted her an Academy Award for Best Actress, considered the highest achievement for a woman in the business.  It was in “Monster’s Ball” where she engaged in a controversial sex scene with co-star Billie Bob Thornton that she got this award which paved the way for her superstar status and A-list endorsements.

Bigger pay checks and bigger roles after, Halle continued to be one of the sexiest women in the world.  At forty-one years old, the actress possesses a body not all twenty-year olds have ever achieved.  This gorgeous actress truly made a career altering decision when she decided to use God’s gifts to her and bare her body for all to see.  Enjoy these free samples of naked images from this Hollywood hottie.  Check out our gallery of nude Halle Berry photographs and screen captures.  Admire her for her great looks and sexy body, as well as for what she has presently achieved in a cut-throat business where not everybody gets to enjoy her status as one of the top and in demand Hollywood actresses ever.